PCCZONE is part of an IT business network held by CNERGY COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES INC. a privately own organization with extensive years of experience in the computer industry. PCCZONE is not subsidiary of already operating division banner PC CONCEPT. Despite the close similarity of both banners PCCZONE and PC CONCEPT they are independent to each other. Making it easier for PCCZONE to have more aggressive price policy in response to multiple discounted-value web-based competitors.


We believe not all customers looking for computer systems or parts request a personalized shopping experience, personal customer service or a longer term warranty. We also believe a growing percentage of customers simply wish to pay lowest possible price for their computer hardware taking advantage of our quick accessibility to in-stock or non-stock products without the value added cost of a physical store front.

Wich market is PCCZONE targeting?

Strictly US and Canadian online customers.

What is PCCZONE mission?

Simply become your online source of choice. Supply the best possible selection of aggressively priced computer hardware to gamers and PC enthusiasts across the country. 

Does PCCZONE offer price match?

No we do not offer price protection or price matching. Our prices are independent of any other retailer's prices. We constantly review and adjust our prices, our prices are already competitively priced as most of you already noticed by now.

Are you a Canadian owned and operating business?

website built in Canada

100% yes! We are based in Montreal Quebec Canada. Like many other webshop's that are owned and fully operated in Canada we contribute to the local economy but sometimes challenged by American owned and operated online stores who just change their .com to .ca to appear Canadian. Example are Newegg.ca or Tigerdirect.ca (only having sattelite offices in Canada) while almost all their shipment are entering Canada via NJ or California. Read more in our About us section.

Why your website is not entirely translated to French?

We try our best to provide and maintain a bilingual website. Some technical terms or descriptions are offered thru 3rd party suppliers, this can be only available in English.

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