What is PCCZONE's GST registration number?

CNERGY computer technologies Inc. GST registration number is: 863339586

Why my order is pending verification?

Despite our commitment to data security and fraud prevention via software, we allow additional time for cardholder's ID & Address verifications. This information has to be verified and approved by our credit department prior to any shipment.

Do you sell to the US?


How can i get my Mail in Rebate copy?

You can download the file directly from the product page or from our Mail-in Rebates section

What type of payment I can use?

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal

Only Canadian credit cards from Canadian cardholders.

    Do i get the Mail-in rebate applied at checkout?

    No, we only provide the forms and advertise the discounts for your convenience.

    • Customers must follow the mail in rebates rules (Postmark deadline, Proof of purchase or UPC code).
    • All claims of mail-in rebates must be handled by the manufacturer directly.
    • PCCZONE is not responsible for the accuracy of the mail-in rebates offered by manufacturers.

    When a complaint has been reported to Paypal does this mean you will speed up the process or ship faster?

    Absolutely not. All reported complaints to Paypal only implies that we immediately terminate the sales agreement and will defend our position to Paypal.

    Are your invoices valid for Quebec's computer expense student loan program?

    Yes, we provide the necessary documentation for computer expenses student loan in Quebec. For more details visit their website http://www.afe.gouv.qc.ca/en/pretsBourses/fraisMaterielInformatique.asp

    You must respect the following rules:
    • The computer equipment must include a desktop or laptop computer.
    • The computer equipment must be purchased between the May 1 preceding the award year concerned and expiry of the 60-day period following the additional loan disbursement.
    • You can purchase the computer equipment at the business of your choosing, provided it is located in Québec.
    • You must obtain and keep the original proof of purchase, which must be issued in your name. You are responsible for obtaining supporting documents from the retailer that are compliant with the applicable rules.

    How do i redeem coupon codes?

    Easy, enter the valid code directly on your cart or onepage check out. 

    apply discount

    when i try to place my order an error message " Guest Checkout not available" what should i do?

    You must create an account by entering valid email and choosing a password.

    create account

    PC Builder can i remove the assembly and testing option?

    If you do not wish to have complete configuration with the PC Builder simply use the web catalog to fill out your cart and checkout!

    Do you offer financing?

    No, we only offer traditional payments such as Paypal, Visa, Mastercard. 

    I didn't get an order confirmation page. Was my order submitted successfully?

    You can log to your account and look for the order and invoice. If there is no order or invoice listed this indicates there was no valid transaction, you can try again or contact customer service.

    NOTE: Make sure you verify your junk mail folder, sometimes your email software will send sales comfirmation emails to your junk folder by mistake.

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