Can i get advise about the compatibility of the components i am purchasing?

We do not offer any technical assistance. We also do not offer advice on compatibility of items. We sell ONLY individual Hardware and Software items. Please contact the manufacturers for accurate answers to your technical questions. If you are interested in a custom PC, refer to this online service

Why we cannot get support at the PC CONCEPT stores for items purchased via PCCZONE?

Simple answer, even if they are related companies they are two different business entity with distinct operations and legal obligations. Still PC CONCEPT stores will be glad to offer you diagnostic and repair services for a competitive rate if you do not wish to have product serviced back at PCCZONE.

What is the best way to communicate with your sales department after i placed my order?

The best way to communicate with us at anytime for any inquiry would be via ticket support system. We also have live help support available Mon-Fri. 

How do I contact your customer service?

CLICK HERE Contact us

I bought computer parts from another website, can you assemble it?

Yes we can provide any technical services at our PC CONCEPT shops.

  • Computer assembly and testing.
  • Full diagnotics.

    Can i ask for a computer quote on the live help or ticket system?

    YES! we will politely refer your to our PC Builder, all the information and pricing is available there.

    if you need more technical advice, we now offer an online consultation service available here:

    My video card was bought at Microbytes do you offer RMA services for it?

    If still under manufacturers warranty we can offer any type warranty handling.

    Prices are usually start at 25$ contact us for more details.

    How can i get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)?

    Click this banner available almost everywhere on the catalog.

    I placed order few days ago but didn't received any confirmation or follow up emails is there a problem with my order?

    Not necessarely, just make sure you verify your junk mail sometimes your email software will send it to junk folder by mistake. When receiving a ticket from our representative the tille will be " [#xxxxxx] New Message Alert There is a new message for ticket xxxxxx " to view it click on link provided directly on the email.

    Can i drop my RMA directly at your offices to save money?

    No RMA will not be accepted or handle directly physically at our locations. You must use any available courrier such as Canada post, UPS, Purolator, Nationex, Dicom etc... a signature and proof of reception is necessary for more accurate service and company liability & responsability.

    Who pays for return (RMA) shipping charges?

    You are solely responsable for all shipping costs for defective or non defective merchandise. For defective products within our garantee period by PCCZONE (30 days) we will replace or repair the item and ship to you at no charge. 

    What is your return policy?

    For complete details please read our terms and conditions section.

    Do you offer cross-ship replacement in case i have DOA?

    This is not an option, you can place a  new order and credit you the first order once we receive your item(s).

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