What is the average waiting time for custom pc orders?

Our average processing time are 7 to 10 business days and also depends on the category but usually we are able to produce them within that time frame. *once payment has been received and security verifications cleared.

I was building a custom computer and once I was done, I've noticed in the cart that there is some parts of it that are B/O. How much time does is usually takes before they get available?

If the option is available on the PC Builder this basically means the component is current and very active as we update the configurations almost daily. You can go ahead and place the order, all custom computer orders have priority over individual single item back orders. A follow up is always done by our staff thru our ticket system to ensure that you are informed of any additional delay or for replacement suggestions.

About the 6 months warranty included in the PC Builder. This warranty is only for the assembly labour? or the parts are included?

Parts and Labour. If you need to extend the warranty you can choose the 1 year option if you wish to have advance replacement.

If I order today (or tomorrow) when would you expect the custom PC to be finished and be shipped?

Assuming you order on a weekday then you should consider the following:

Payment TypeSpeedAverage Days
Paypal Comfirmed Address
Fast1-3 business days
Paypal Express (guest checkout)
Fast1-3 business days
Interac Online
Fastest1-2 business days*
Credit CardsNormal2-3 business days**

+ the following: 7 to 10 business days

I really like your PC Builder but i do not want to order online, is there any possible way to order my computer at your offices?

1. Make sure you have the exact printout from the site.
2. Present yourself to the Laval counter.
3. Make sure you can leave a payment in full.
4. ETA's are the same as web orders.



What happens if the setup i choose has a compatibility issue?

We verify every single custom PC orders, after the orders are cleared by our credit department , our tech support department will review the order and suggest replacing/exchanging options. The module is well programmed and we don't expect to have such issues. We still make sure everything is compatible and advice clients if needed. Custom computer clients are king clients for us.

Some additional items i would like are not on your list of options how can i order and have it included?

Easy! Once you add your configuration to the cart then you simply browse thru the catalog and add the item. Once the order is process just write us a message by ticket : http://www.pcczone.com/support_tickets/ and send us your special request!

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