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Definitely not

The free estimate is a myth. In business, free is nothing but a strategy to attract the service call. If the service technician does not charge for a diagnosis, it will likely be attempting to sell an unnecessary repair to cover time and losses. A paid service will give you access to more qualified and trained technicians who will apply a complete method of work, without skipping steps providing the best quality diagnostic with no surprises. Advice, rather than aiming for free checkups, search for honesty! Ask your computer technician if it has a detailed pricing policy (labor / parts). Dishonest companies will often give an overall repair price estimate. Finally, it is better off paying a proper diagnosis in order to get an accurate opinion on the condition of your computer so that you can make the right decision whether you should repair or replace it.



When the time comes to repair your computer, is it a good idea to do a service at home? Yes and no, it really depends on the time devoted to the mechanical analysis. If the technician must find the problem in first billable hour, it is likely that he skipped stages or has not completed the necessary mechanical checks to perform the repairs. Even simplest repairs require a minimum time in order to complete. Often the lengths of times for such procedures are unconventional to have a service technician in your home throughout this whole time. Caution: If a service call is placed too late or during a busy schedule, some companies will be tempted convince you to take your computer to the workshop and return it to you repaired the following working day "without charge" obviously you will end up paying one way or another. Ultimately, it is added in subsequent costs. Advice, instead find a company based in a physical address and provides a pricing grid, it is best to make an effort and carry your computer in order to have peace of mind and pay a fair amount.


Never 100%

Each week, we have plenty of customers asking for a virus cleaning service without formatting. Obviously we provide the service as all our competitors, but is this the Best Choice? No! Most PC users will wait until the boundary of the unusable, that is to say an operating system so corrupt and infected that by simply removing viruses wont guarantee the repair over collateral damage, collaterals resulted by them. Advice, make a complete restoration of your system and install a good quality paying antivirus. We discourage all free antivirus and free optimization software available on the internet. Remember “for FREE” to do not exist in this industry.



How to identify if a company demonstrates seriousness and professionalism? It maintains a consistent work delay and continuous rotation. When customers call us for a deadline, the answer is always the same between 24 to 48 hours, because over the years we have developed some experience. While a 7-day week allows us to repair more machines, a 48 hours buffer allows us to compensate for possible contingencies. Warning: If the repair company you deal with changes their prices or deadlines based on the flavor of the month (e.g. a jobber) is often a sideline business, in many cases a basement operation so they might be ready to deliver on the same day this time around but might not the next time. Same pattern will be noticed on repair charges up and down depending on whether they should break even when you call for service. Advice, do business with a company that maintains and respects their deadlines 12 months a year (yes there are exceptions!) And rarely adjust their work rate on their website example we change the price of our basic service $ 10 in 4 years.


Too easy

A moins d'être un léger problème de configuration ou d'une légère infection virus, il est impossible de faire un diagnostic et une réparation adéquate virtuellement. Malheureusement une tendance ces temps-ci, sont des compagnie frauduleuses qui font appel aux clients et qui propose de nettoyer leur ordinateur pour un petit montant paye par carte de crédit sans garantie (car souvent ca ne marche pas). Vous donner un accès et ils prendrons contrôle sans succès au bout de la ligne, un problème non résolu, finalement c'est un petit montant et ils vous diront que ca na pas couter cher pour essayer. Ils passeront rapidement au prochain client et ainsi faire de l'argent facile sans garantie ni responsabilité légale. Conseil, ne laisser personne prendre contrôle de votre appareil a distance a moins que ca soit un magasin a grande surface et ou une entreprise reconnue avec pignon sur rue. Dans le cas d'une personne a mobilité restreinte il est préférable de faire un appel de service a domicile. Un autre type d'attrape s'agit de messages rendant impossible l'utilisation du pc et consiste a vous exiger de payer une somme ridicule afin de vous redonner l'accès a votre ordinateur. Contacter un centre de service immédiatement!

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